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From initial planning to installation and completion, PB&J Industries enjoys offering its expertise through various services. We listen to your unique requirements and specifications. Through continuous feedback, we then diligently strive to make your project the best for affordability, quality, usability, and security.

Assembly – Gaming Cabinets

We can build any gaming cabinet to meet your specific needs—including poker cabinets, uprights, cocktail tables, or even sit-down games. We can then install the harness, buttons, power supply, and monitor as appropriate. We can also make bezels to fit either vertical or horizontal monitors.

By having PB&J Industries provide turnkey solutions, our customers reduce their capital investment. We can manage either complete or partial turnkey. With turnkey assembly, PB&J Industries will obtain the required parts and materials for assembly. You will get the benefits of our efficient procurement, stocking, and material management processes from prototype through manufacturing builds. The procurement professionals with PB&J Industries have the benefit of our extensive connections and purchasing power to minimize costs and reduce production schedules.

High-quality turnkey manufacturing is more likely to improve product delivery because we use our established and proven processes. Our customers can then focus on their core competencies as well as innovate and produce new products more quickly. They are free to focus on market research, product development, and sales without hindrance from costly manufacturing infrastructures.

To offer even more flexibility and customization, PB&J Industries will build-to-order with partial assemblies so that its customers can complete the products. We also perform consignment contract manufacturing where the customer delivers the materials to us for assembly. Because our teams specialize in this type of work, we can offer lower per-project labor and spread the costs across multiple jobs.

Harness Development

PB&J Industries can assist with the development of your harness from start to finish. We can even produce them for you!

Use our assistance to eliminate bulk from you harness by removing the pieces that you don’t need. We will work with your particular cabinet and design the harness from scratch. With our fast turnaround, you will be prepared to wire your cabinets quickly and efficiently to get them available as soon as possible.

With our ability to make small runs of harnesses—including prototypes—in our facility, we can supply these harnesses as promptly as you need them. We can also order large quantities from our trusted suppliers, hold them in storage, and then later ship them as appropriate.

Retail Fixtures

PB&J Industries has years of experience working with businesses to make their retail environments look professional and efficient. From interactive display fixtures to cash wrap counters and kiosks, PB&J Industries can help your store appeal to new and existing customers. Our team can create the perfect custom solution for your retail store design. PB&J Industries can take into account the store’s current design and décor to ensure products complement the space, or the team can conceive an entirely new environment. Our engineers then use the most durable and efficient materials—often available in different finishes—saving money and ensuring our displays and fixtures will last for years.

In particular, we offer custom tables that can be round or square. We can make melamine furniture—highly durable and ideal for industrial and commercial use—and use t-molding to enhance its appearance.

Product Display

PB&J Industries can create product displays for your environment. From custom racks to display cases and shelves, we offer functional yet innovative ways to show off your items.

Trade Show

If you’re looking to set up your booth at trade shows, PB&J Industries can create an environment that will not only attract the attention of your customers but also set up and tear down easily.


PB&J Industries specializes in building your custom prototypes. We can do as little or as much of the project as you desire—but the concept and idea will remain with you.

For woodwork and metalwork, we take your concept and turn it into reality. No project is too big or too small. Not all of our competitors feel this way and want to help with this stage because it can be quite expensive to create just one piece. However, PB&J Industries feels that offering this service adds necessary value. We can start with something as basic as your sketch on the beverage napkin. Our team then develops the style and design while adding the correct measurements. If appropriate, we can even produce your prototype with our 3D printer!

3D Modeling

PB&J Industries can use its 3D printer to develop the prototype for your project. We take your designs from on-screen to in-hand with realistic 3D models so that you can test the product’s form, fit, and function. With its physical representation, you can get an improved idea for the product’s look and feel. Before you commit to manufacture large quantities, you can use this opportunity to work out any design flaws and issues.

With the 3D printer, you can also manufacture small quantities of items that you may not be able to find anywhere else!

Contract CNC Cutting

With its CNC machines, PB&J Industries has the ability to machine parts for companies that do not have their own machines as well as companies that are running at full capacity and still cannot keep up with demand.

We focus on panel-based wood products but can also assist with smaller items and parts as necessary. We can ship these smaller products in their disassembled state for compact packaging, and the end-user can then put the item together for completion.

Acrylic Processing

We can create marquees and other integral parts from acrylic for your gaming cabinets. Similarly, we can make graphic panels, door signs, channel letters, and other signage for commercial use. For applications in the restaurant industry, we can use HDPE in place of acrylic for parts and accessories.

Metal Fabrication

From start to finish, PB&J Industries can handle all of your metal fabrication needs. Working in our advanced facility, the team at PB&J Industries can shear, fabricate, form, machine, weld, finish (liquid or powder coat), and assemble complete products. These items include bezels and video game control panels for the gaming industry. We also create components before building or distributing the assemblies, as we do with our LCD stands in kits.

Powder Coating

PB&J Industries offers powder coating during the metal fabrication process because it is economical, efficient, and environmentally friendly. Advantages of powder coating over conventional liquid coating include the following:

  • Powder coatings can produce much thicker coatings than conventional liquid coatings without running or sagging.
  • Capital equipment and operating costs for powder lines are generally less than for conventional liquid lines, so we can offer better value to the customer.
  • Powder coated items are generally more consistent in appearance between horizontally-coated surfaces and vertically-coated surfaces than liquid coated items.
  • It offers a high quality finish and is available in a broad range of colors, glosses, and finish textures (i.e., smooth, wrinkle, hammertone, antique, etc.). Powder coating can accomplish specialty effects that would be impossible to achieve with other coating processes.
  • Superior finishes combined with durability reduce maintenance and extend the life of coated products. The process can offer improved defense against abrasion and corrosion; the chip resistance and resilience are particularly beneficial in harsh conditions.

Custom Graphics

We can assist with custom graphics—such as marquees, decals, and side art—to put on your items and equipment, allowing you to engage customers and promote your brand or product.


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