Vermont Ave 28" Vertical Countertop Board Ready Game Cabinet

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The Vermont Ave. 28" Vertical Countertop Upright Cabinet features a 28" touch screen monitor and comes plug and play ready for a variety of game boards. Game Board Sold Separately.


  • Sturdy Cabinet with Black Laminate Finish and Black Leatherette T-molding
  • Button Panel
  • 28" High Resolution Monitor with Touch Screen and LED Surround
  • 550W Computer Grade Power Supply
  • Standard 36/10 Cherry Master Harness
  • Security Hasp and Cabinet Locks with Keys
  • 37" H x 16" W x 18"Deep


  • Bill Acceptor:
    • Add an ICT PA7 Bill Acceptor for $295 (includes serial cable)
    • Add a Pyramid 7600 Bill Acceptor for $295 (includes serial cable)
  • Printer:
    • Add an ICT Printer for $200
    • Add a Pyramid Phoenix Printer for $200